Security & Safety

Security and safety are major concerns in all buildings. While Presidential Security and Protective
Services, LLC personnel are present during work hours:


All complaints or requests received are printed on a daily log form. These forms are reviewed daily by the operations manager and are given to the designated supervisor for immediate action. Upon completion of a request or resolution of a problem, the supervisor submits a written report to the operation manager for review.


A list of special instructions for each building is written in the customer history file, which is periodically updated with any changes or additions. This list is only available to management and key operations staff for instructing new personnel.


Operation supervisors and personnel are instructed to record all observations and comments in writing, taking notes at all times, and making daily checklists of tasks to be performed.


Work logs are checked daily and problems or deviations from the normal standards are studied with any subsequent action and results being documented.


Supervising staff are equipped with cell phones for any emergencies that may arise.


All suspicious persons will be questioned or asked to leave the premises and/or the proper authorities will be notified.


Potentially hazardous situations will be diffused and reported immediately to the proper authority.