Hiring Process

The entire process begins with adherence to a strict selection, screening and training process before any of the supervision and inspection come into play. Good security doesn’t just happen on its own. Our hiring process is more involved so that we employ the right people for your job. Before anyone is assigned to your facility, you can rest assured that they have successfully been put to the test at a variety of facilities to enable management to observe their punctuality, attention to detail, general demeanor, level of responsibility, and other factors that determine their assignments.

Personnel are chosen based on maturity, work ethic and “life experience.” They are trained to interact diplomatically but firmly with the public. In fact, we actively seek and recruit from the ranks of retired military and civil service personnel, to attract a more seasoned work force.

The Presidential Security and Protective Services’ staff works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, employing trained security personnel. Field supervisors will fill out a security officer evaluation form, which will include, but not be limited to, checking officers’ uniform appearance, daily reports, awareness and overall demeanor, as well as other reports required. Through the process of close supervision we are able to maintain a constant line of communication with our officers, supervisors in the field and the client.

Each client knows that everyone within the organization is personally involved in assuring that the best quality of service is provided. Comprehensive security officer supervision is unique to Presidential Security and Protective Services. It is in our best interest to evaluate and regulate the performance of a security officer who is assigned to protect your property.